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Nutrition Can Have a Significant Impact On Your Eyes. Let Us Show You How.

There’s no denying the obvious impact that nutrition has on our bodies, but did you know how nutrition can impact your eyesight as well? Recent studies have shown just how big an influence nutrition has on our long-term eye health.

As Optometrists, we focus on the impact nutrition has on how you see. The other benefits of proper nutrition – improved mood and energy levels, for example – are a welcome side-effect, but not necessarily the goal we’re seeking.

Adding antioxidants to your diet can reduce your risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by 17%! 

These benefits are very real and can help delay the progression of eye diseases like age related macular degeneration and glaucoma. Ask us about how your eyesight could benefit from a nutritional overhaul!

Just as a diet high in sugar and saturated fats has been linked to an increase in the development of eye diseases, a diet rich in nutritious non-processed foods has been shown to stave off certain eye diseases.

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and AMD have been shown to occur less frequently in people who eat a varied diet that is rich in healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


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